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The Kernel - Simonds 1880 Bitter

The Kernel - Simonds 1880 Bitter

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500ml BOTTLE

Brewed to an 1880 recipe from Simond's Brewery in Reading, via the archives of the Durden Park Beer Circle. Their notes on the beer state simply: 'Dream Bitter with a lovely flavour. A Durden Park Favourite. Round the brewery we just call it 'Dream Bitter.'' The strength of the beer is appropriate for the era where 6% was average for a bitter. The malt bill predates the common use of crystal malts (which hugely influence a modern bitter's flavour), so instead comprises of just Pale Ale Malt (our regular Maris Otter being ideal for this purpose) and Amber Malt (a lightly toasted malt). Hopped with the English classic, Goldings.

The lightly floral, earthy and spicy hop-aromas permeate the head and intensify in the mouth as they mix with the mild, sweet and chocolately malt body of the beer. Expect flavours of marmalade, a touch of tea, a touch of warmth and a firm bitterness to balance.

Perhaps in style closer to how we now consider an ESB or Burton Ale than a modern bitter.

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