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Dark Woods Coffee: Crow Tree

Dark Woods Coffee: Crow Tree

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We proudly serve and retail award-winning Dark Woods Coffee at our taproom, naturally, because we are right next door to the roastery. Add coffee to your beer order!

Tasting Notes
Dark chocolate, cinder toffee, red berry acidity

Suitable For
Originally designed for espresso but works well across all brewing methods, especially if you enjoy a fuller roast style

"Dark yet bright, this is a rarity amongst specialty coffees. Top quality high altitude arabicas are more commonly light roasted but we feel this only tells half their story. By using the cleanest available green coffee we are able to roast darker without bitterness; to develop bold yet defined flavours that match those found in the best quality single estate chocolates. Crow Tree is a rich and intense coffee that suits fans of more traditional styles.

Crow Tree uses green coffee sourced from women coffee farmers in Peru that work with the Cafe Femenino program. This ground-breaking organisation support women farmers and producers in what can be a challenging and male dominated industry. We pay quality premiums to secure the best lots from this co-op and invest directly in infrastructure projects to benefit the Asproagro community."

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