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Dark Woods Coffee: Deer Hill

Dark Woods Coffee: Deer Hill

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We proudly serve and retail award-winning Dark Woods Coffee at our taproom, naturally, because we are right next door to the roastery. Add coffee to your beer order!

Tasting Notes
Milk chocolate, toasted nuts, fudge, gentle acidity

Suitable For
Originally designed for espresso but works well across all brewing methods

"Over the years we received an increasing number of requests for a traditional Italian style of espresso. This made us nervous as they can often be bitter from over-roasting and the addition of cheap Robusta. However, with our curiosity piqued we set about making the best version we could; an elegant modern interpretation in the Dark Woods style.

Starting with sweet and balanced specialty arabicas from South America and India we then add high quality Robusta from the award-winning Harley Estate in India. Left mid-roast this results in a smooth, rich and full-bodied espresso that will make people reassess this style."

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